For many people borrowing money for their next home, the mortgage process can seem like anything but straight forward and easy to understand. Some people feel powerless while their credit history, employment status, and financial standing is scrutinized by banking institutions to determine if a mortgage loan will be granted or not. What really happens behind the scenes of the mortgage approval process is actually something that borrower’s should not be wary about. Once people understand the risk that is involved with lending hundreds of thousands of dollars, the while process can seem very forgiving. So what happens after you complete a loan application with your bank or mortgage brokerage?

After you take an application, the loan officer will consult with you about what type of loan program is right for your situation. Once that loan program is determined, more often than not, the application is uploaded to an electronic approval system that compares the items in your application to qualifying criteria that the loan you have chosen requires. If you meet the standards for the loan approval by showing an acceptable debt to income ratio, down payment, assets, etc., an automated pre-approval is generated. Assuming you have abided by all laws, and provided a truthful application, all you need to is provide the information the loan system or lender requires. These might include:


Tax Returns

Pay Stubs

Bank Statements

In the case of a home purchase, you will need to provide a fully executed purchase contract and with almost all loans, an appraisal of the subject property. Once the above items have been collected, your application along with applicable loan disclosures are submitted to an underwriting department. A preliminary title report of the property will be ordered and proof of property insurance is required to be submitted as well.

Underwriting can take as little as a day and as long as a couple weeks. This is where people get nervous. What could possibly be taking so long? Well, it might be suspenseful, but the fact of the matter is that there are several other people trying to get home financing as well. You just need to wait in line with the rest of them. Once your loan file gets into the hands of an underwriter, it’s typically no more than a few hours before your file is out of their hands and a conditional loan approval is granted. Of course, your file could be suspended or denied, but we’ll assume all is well for this guide.

Once the conditional loan approval is granted, you now have to provide more documentation that the underwriter needs to grant a final approval. The might want more items like an updated pay stub, a letter of explanation for something on your credit report, a written verification of employment from your employer, etc. Once again, when you provide this documentation and submit it to your loan officer, it might take another day or more for the underwriter to review the items. This again adds to the length of time it takes for an approval and the associated suspense you might feel.

After you have provided everything that has been asked for by the underwriter, you will get a bona fide loan approval. Your loan documents can be ordered and sent to the title or escrow company for settlement, and you can be that much closer to completing your mortgage transaction.

Once you have signed the loan documentation, you signed loan package will go back to the lender for review. If anything is missing, the lender will ask for it and it is up to your loan officer or the title/escrow company to make sure everything is submitted for funding. Funding is when the loan money is actually disbursed by the lender. You’re done!

If there’s one thing borrower’s should know when refinancing or purchasing a home, it is that the whole thing usually takes time. There are several entities involved in the transaction that add to the mortgage process and its seemingly grueling duration. There is the lender, the loan officer, the borrower, the title company/escrow company, and insurance company. Only after everyone has completed their job is your next loan a done deal. Keep these things in mind and accept the fact that the process is drawn out by nature, and you can calmly proceed through your next mortgage loan transaction with confidence.

Before knocking on the door of your lender and asking him to grant you with a home equity loan, you should know everything about this type of loan first. By knowing every significant information about these loans, you would feel more confident and self-assured while making your final decisions and sealing your financial transactions. This article discusses everything you need to know about home equity loans, as well as a detailed explanation on how home equity loans work.

What are home equity loans?

Home equity loans are used as second mortgages. These loaning systems give borrowers a chance to get approved loans even if they have bad credit scores and financial histories. Lenders are more lenient and flexible with home equity loans because houses are used as collateral for the said loan type. If ever one of their borrowers fails to repay his credit, his lenders could easily repossess his home and use it to recover the amount of profit that he lost.

Its advantages for borrowers

Most borrowers prefer this loan type to other kinds of mortgages because of the different advantages that it brings. First and foremost, it has lower interest rates or annual percentage rates. It is also easier to borrow huge sums of money through this kind of loaning system because it does not require borrowers to possess good credit records and financial histories.

Aside from the aforementioned advantages, home equity loans would also motivate them to prioritize their mortgages over their other insignificant expenses. They could even get the chance to qualify for tax breaks and incentives every time they make a payment for their loan.

Its disadvantages for borrowers

Of course, these loans could also bring several disadvantages for a particular borrower. The primary disadvantage that a borrower would face from acquiring this loan is the possibility of losing his home once he fails to meet the payment schedules of his lender. In addition, a gullible and unsuspecting borrower could become a victim of different scams regarding the use of his real estate property as collateral to his loan.

Finding the best deals for these loans

Now that you have learned the different advantages and disadvantages of getting a home equity loan, you could already decide whether you want to continue with it or look for kind of loaning program. If you decide to continue with your plans of getting this loan, you should know how to locate the best home equity loans that are offered by reliable lenders and lending institutions.

The first step to getting this loan is to look for different creditors and lending institutions in banks or credit unions. You could also seek help from a real estate broker who knows some names of reliable lending institutions. After this, you should ask your family for some referrals and look for additional options in your local newspapers or in different online advertisements. Compare all the data you have collected and choose a lending program which best suits your needs and preferences as a borrower.

These are only some things you should know in order to understand how home equity loans work. Always remember that it is important to gather as much information as you can before choosing home equity credit as your secondary mortgage.

BC student loans are one of the multiple ways students who are going to a BC university can provide pay for their higher education. By giving all of the resources that students need in order to move forward, these student loans ensure that it is possible to get the education needed to get a good job in the work force.

When you are pursuing BC student loans, there are a few things that you should remember. First, those student loans are based off of need. There are only a set amount of financial resources that the student loans system can use, so those who need the funding the most will be the individuals who obtain it. As such, the great majority of the participants in the BC student system are from barely surviving or middle class families who cannot pay the great price of higher education.

As well as giving the money needed, there are other services included for BC student. For example, if you are just finishing university, you can make use of advisers who can assist you in repaying your student debts. These advisers will assist you in managing your money so that you can ensure all of your payments are made on time. This is key if you desire to maintain your credit rating.

When you get ready to register for BC student loans, they will research your credit rating. Like quite a lot similar companies around the world, your credit rating is checked to ensure that you are not at great risk of defaulting on the funding owed. If you are suspected to be a high risk, you will be asked to find a parent to help defray the risk. BC can make use of this system as a parent will be chancing their credit rating in order to gain your funding. By doing so, financial institutions and governments are more able to handle your loan.

BC loans draws on banks and the Government of Canada to fund the loans they give out to students. There is a review process of your household income, your credit rating, the credit rating of your parent, as well as the university you are planning to attend. Your Status is determined based off of the reviews of all of these aspects.

If you are Desiring financial aid, routing through BC student loans can be a great choice due to the amount of access they have with all aspects of student loans and banks.

In this modern age the system of employment and education demands that people obtain higher qualifications in order to get a better job; this means that most students have to rely on some form of student loan. If you do obtain a student loan there are several ways to defer making payments back to the lender; it is worth remembering about paying back the funds at the time of applying for the student loan. The process of getting a student loan can be quite puzzling and it is advisable to become acquainted with the loan system from the very start.

Basically a student loan deferment means that you will not have to repay the amount you have borrowed straight away; there is usually leeway to put off paying back the loan for up to three years. Circumstances such as not having a job after completing your studies or unforeseen financial troubles can be great reasons to apply for a student loan deferment.

A grace period is also a feature of some types of student loan, although not all loan providers will allow this option. The grace period means that you begin to repay the loan once your studies are concluded or if you do not complete them at all. The period a lender gives you for a grace period may differ significantly.

As with most loans a student loan is very likely to include interest which you will have to pay. Some types of student loan may have the interest on them paid by the Federal Government for you. Even if you have deferred your loan you can opt to pay off the interest in the mean time; this then leaves the actual loan amount to be paid back once the deferment period has ended.

Student loans can offer the feature of arranging an extended payment option. This will mean that you can take more time to pay back the loan to the lender. As an example if you have a Federal loan that is more than $30,000 then you could choose to pay this back over a period of 25 years. The extension period may differ between providers and some may not offer this choice at all.

A graduated repayment scheme is another education loan deferment option. This type of scheme allows you to start paying off a small amount and gradually increase the amount of the repayments you are making.

As you can see there are numerous choices available for education loan deferment and it is recommended that you take the time to find out all the facts before deciding which loan is best suited to you.

India is a land of festivals. Being a secular country, there is no dearth of things to celebrate in this land of wonders. From Christmas to Eid ul Zoha, Independence Day to the Cricket World Cup, there is hardly anything that Indians do not like celebrating. Simply point us towards an occasion and we are all for it. But hidden amongst this long list of celebrations is a gem in the form of Durga Puja, something celebrated in its full glory in the Bengali community.

So, what exactly IS the Durga Puja?

Well, for the sake of clarity, Puja refers to a religious festival. However, for us Bengalis, Durga Puja is less of a ‘Puja’ and more of the embodiment of the spirit of festiveness. What exactly does that mean? Well, let us go back a few millenniums to answer that question.

The tradition of invoking the goddess Durga (or the mother, known as ‘Ma’) is first considered to have been done by Lord Ram before he went forth to battle Ravana, as documented in the epic Ramayana. However, the tradition lay dormant till about the late 1500s, when the landlords in Bengal took it up. It was finally given its final form in the 18th century as Baroyaari (or 12 friends’) puja, a term which finally came to refer to community sponsored Durga Pujas held in Kolkata.

Essentially, all parts of India celebrates this period, but in the form of Navratri. It constitutes of 9 days’ worth of fasting, which ends with Dussehra, a day where an effigy of Ravana is burned as a way to show that evils are always championed by good as Lord Ram had championed above Ravana.

In Bengal, however, the meaning of these 10 days are quite different.

My earliest memories of Durga Puja are that of waking up in the middle of the night to listen to Mahalaya on the radio. It is a programme that has been airing on the first day of the Bengali month Ashwin for more than 7 decades and 4 generations of Bengalis, forcing them to wake up at 4 am, something I still do religiously every year on that particular day. Although the magic of the scent, the half awoken self and knowing Ma is coming has somewhat diminished with the years, the idea of something so collectively powerful that it makes a whole community look forward to it still holds a great deal of charm nonetheless.

We treat Ma Durga as something more than just the goddess. While it is true that she embodies the raw power (or Shakti) that overcame evil by slaying the evil demon Mahisasur (hence the term Mahisasur-mardini), she is much MUCH more than just that. The ten days that start with Mahalaya signify her annual visit to her paternal home in Bengal with 4 of her children. As such Ma is, at the same time, a mother, a wife, a goddess, and most importantly, a member of our family. We pamper her, we respect her, we love her and we adore her. She is more than just a divinity.

To us Bengalis, she embodies our truest nature. No matter where a Bengali might be, come Durga Puja, he/she feels a connection to his/her family.

THIS is what it means to celebrate Pujo (a colloquial term for Durga Puja).

Frankly, it cannot be compared to anything else in the world. But, remember the togetherness one gets when visiting the family, or the warmth during Christmas, or the feeling you get when you visit your family after a year away? That is what Pujo means to a Bengali. It is more than celebrating a religious festival. The idea of Pujo is bringing everyone together. And what better way can there be than a mother facilitating all that? We eat, we cry, we talk, be happy and celebrate something that is practically unheard of anywhere else in the world. It does not matter what you religion is. Whether a Muslim, a Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Jain or anything in between (including atheists), if you are a Bengali at heart, Durga Puja is for you. From visiting the tens of thousands of makeshift podiums (or pandals) for hoisting Ma Durga to having a cup of tea in the middle of the night (under a tree in the local shop because it seems to inevitably rain during Puja nights these days, especially if you are out at 2 am) to dancing during the idol immersion ceremony (called Bhashan), Durga Puja is something that you have to experience at least once in your life.

Oh, and did I mention scrumptious luchi and khichudi as lunch during Ashtami and the gorgeous ladies who grace the pandals? Pujo is worth it… believe you me.

And once Pujo is done, while we are all sad, we pray for Ma to return safely to her heavenly abode atop the Himalayas. Thus begins the wait for the next Puja. Another year to spend before our dear mother comes back. Because Pujo never ends, it simply gets shifted by another year. After all, Ma is like the mother who wants you to be happy even when she is gone.

Come, be a part of this wonderful festival of togetherness.

These days there are alternatives that will keep you comfortable whilst you do your duty.

Wellington boots have come a long way in a relatively short period of time and can cope with those freezing winter days or even those damp days of summer where wellies are the only option.

There are many boots on the market today that employ neoprene as a lining. Neoprene is a form of ‘blown’ rubber which is soft and spongy to the touch and insulates, making a previously cold rubber boot warm and toasty. Different manufacturers use different thicknesses of neoprene, with the most popular being Le Chameau offering 3mm as standard in their best-selling Vierzonord model and Aigle a sumptuous 4.5mm in the Parcours 2 ISO. The likes of Muck Boots and Grubs actually manufacture a neoprene booty which then has the natural rubber outer added afterwards and leaves part of the neoprene on the leg exposed. This has the advantage of a soft and stretchy leg that will fit almost everybody whilst remaining waterproof.

There are those of us to consider that are likely to overheat in a rubber boot, rather than freeze. If you don’t tend to have chilly toes when you’re out and about in your wellies, the simple answer is to go for a boot with a standard cotton lining. Allow a small amount of room when you buy your wellies to allow for a quality sock in case the temperature plummets and you are dragged outside! There are alternatives to this…

Some of the quality manufacturers offer models with a leather lining. Leather is a natural insulator (cows seems to manage!) and will give a little breathability whilst taking the shape of your feet making for extremely comfortable footwear. The aspirational Le Chameau Chasseur with its full length zip is the market leader. Aigle have their stylish Parcours 2 Signature model whilst newer manufacturers like Arxus also offer a quality leather-lined model.

Finally, if you thought leather was the ultimate in a lowly rubber boot, take a moment to consider ‘Outlast’. Originally developed to line space suits, this incredible material will actually regulate the temperature and hold it at a comfortable level regardless of the weather! This means that you can wear your boots in the depths of winter and the height of summer and stay comfortable. Aigle currently employ this lining in their Parcours 2 Outlast boot, whilst Le Chameau used Outlast in their Veganord model that has now been discontinued.

Many welly makers have experimented with linings that vent heat to stop you overheating, but this makes the boots very cold in the winter. We have spoken to customers who have purchased neoprene-lined boots and overheated, making their feet sweat which in turn makes them cold! A lined boot that is too tight will not help as all linings need a tiny air gap for the lining to work effectively.

If your residence is at a place which has no natural shade then you better contemplate about the summer months which won’t offer you any shade at all. The solution is to use residential retractable awnings and in this regard there are different types of such awnings to choose from, there are the stationary awnings, attached to the house. Yet another option is to use residential retractable awnings. These awnings can be pushed in or pulled out whenever needed. Residential retractable awnings offer shade, they offer sunlight when retracted.

The following are some of the important benefits of the retractable patio awnings for yard.

1) Get Protection from the Sun

The residential retractable awnings offer sun protection, particularly if you prefer to relax in your yard. Such awnings are useful as they offer sun protection to the users. The users of such awnings can enjoy reading books, or relishing something tasty food item avoiding the heat of the summer sun.

2) A Nice Tool for Enjoying in Your Backyard

The residential retractable awnings extend the home comfort to the yard which usually is considered the exteriors of a residential apartment. The users often use a pillow, and in a relax mood avoid the harsh external climatic conditions. Not just the summer sun, the awnings can also serve as a tool for relaxation during the rains.

3) Block the Sun Heat without the View

Using the retractable awnings, the user can simply avoid the harsh climatic conditions whether rains or summer heat. The interesting thing is that such structures do protect from the intense heat during the summer season without blocking the view. The users can relax underneath the yawning, enjoy the sights and sounds of the exterior, and be it the sight of an ocean, view of the valley and so on.

4) Money Saving

The residential retractable awnings save money by cutting energy bills. In the summer season, the awnings prevent the sun heat to enter into the interiors and it helps keep the house environment cool and relaxing. The residents may not have to use house cooling appliances like the Air Conditioners and because of which the user can cut electricity bills, save money.

5) Customization for Home Use

One of the important benefits of using the awnings is that the user can customize them to fit varied style and preferences. There are these structures available in the market which more often enhances the look and appearance of the house. They are available in a variety of attractive colors, styles and fabrics to suit the needs of the user.

If you are keen on purchasing these items online, check the internet and there you get a number of e-stores which offer these items at the best prices. There are many things that you may want to check while buying these items. Undoubtedly the price is one consideration that you may want to make. Besides that, you may like to buy the retractable awnings based on their color, the styles and the fabrics that are used. If you make proper choice of the item when buying it then you can expect to enhance the overall appearance of your house. The process of buying these items is not new. Visit the different e-stores if you are computer savvy or jump from one store to another while purchasing the item online. The considerations that you require making includes the cost of the item. It is a good deal if you can manage to get a quality item, an item of your choice and preference at low prices. If you make a good deal as far as retractable awnings are concerned then spend more and more time using it.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is a version of the 2015 Dodge Challenger with a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI engine rated at 707 hp (527 kW) and 650 lb ft (881 Nm) of torque. Dodge left the power trains untouched new for the Dodge challenger hellcat. Hellcat challenger 2016 is a main salvo in the Horsepower Wars, which offering classic muscle car metal and seriously awesome engines. This engine is also available in the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. The inner driving light on the left front has been removed to allow air to get into the engine resulting in more torque, and the wheel wells are different from the standard SRT to accommodate the 20-inch aluminum wheels. This is a very difficult car to launch on a sticky drag strip.

Two types of fobs used in 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

The 2016 hellcat charger will come equipped with two separate key fobs; use of the “black” fob will limit engine output to 500 horsepower, while the “red” fob will enable the full output capability.

2016 dodge challenger configurations And Acceleration:

The aptly named Hellcat has a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 good for 707 hp and 650 lb-ft, with either a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic. The automatic is faster, hitting 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, while the manual is more fun and still quick doing 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. The Hellcat has a quarter mile time of 10.85 seconds; this was accomplished with street legal drag tires. On stock tires the Hellcat was able to achieve 11.2 seconds @ 125 mph on the quarter mile. The Challenger SRT Hellcat can accelerate from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and can brake from 60-0 in 109.0ft. Top speed is 199mph to 202mph. The Challenger Hellcat has a lateral acceleration of 0.94g.

Let’s talk about acceleration, if you tickle the throttle just right, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat delivers seriously awesome acceleration, which is much quicker than can be achieved with its built-in launch control feature. 0 to 60 mph happens in 3.6 seconds, 100 mph comes up in 7.8 seconds, and the quarter-mile is covered in 11.7 seconds at 126 mph, with the challenger hellcat’s massive supercharger whining like a hive of angry bees the entire time. Although standing start acceleration runs in the Hellcat are breath-taking. Top gear acceleration from 30 to 50 mph and from 50 to 70 mph happens in 1.8 and 2.3 seconds. The big coupe squats back, the transmission quickly kicks down to a lower gear, and the car rockets forward, its rear tires slipping and fighting to maintain contact with the road.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Engine:

A tamer Hellcat challenger experience can be found within the “SRT Performance Pages” of the car’s standard 8.4-inch connect touch screen infotainment system. Here, car owners can adjust the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat’s dampers, traction control, shifting, and horsepower settings. The latter function offers options to keep the stable doors open and let all 707 horsepower run free or to corral 207 of those ponies. The same settings can be accessed by swapping between the Hellcat’s red and black proximity keys-the former defaults to the high-horsepower mode and the latter to the less-powerful option. Either way, the Hellcat remains a handful.

The engine horsepower may leave the impression that 2016 hellcat charger has created a one trick pony car, all about epic straight-line pulls, the two-door proves to be a decent partner on winding roads, so long as you keep the pace a few notches below fullout. You’d not expect so, seeing that the 6.2’s iron block contributes to putting nearly 57 percent of the Hellcat’s 4493 pound curb weight on its front wheels. But the Challenger Hellcat’s well-sorted suspension and quick, relatively talkative steering rack keep you in control during cornering. Both the suspension and steering can be adjusted among Street, Sport, and Track settings within the SRT Hellcat Performance Pages to suit conditions and your driving style.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat specs And Interior:

Now let’s come into the car and talk about the interior, comfortable seats, a modern infotainment system, and a decent ride quality make for an agreeable day-to-day partner. Tall drivers should avoid the $995 sunroof option, as it robs too much headroom. For the record, this SRT Hellcat weighed five pounds more than the 2015 automatic car without the sunroof. Save that money to feed the car a steady diet of premium fuel. In our hands, the Hellcat sucked down a gallon every 13 miles. The EPA rates this automatic-transmission version at 13 mpg in the city, 22 on the highway. With the standard six-speed manual, the highway rating drops to 21 mpg.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Price:

Dodge increased $5200 to the automatic Challenger Hellcat’s base price for 2016 (and $4300 for the stick-shift car), more or less keeping for itself the extra profit that dealers had been adding to the price on 2015 models, which some buyers were willing to pay for the honor of being a Hellcat early adopter. Offsetting the sticker price bump, the 2016 car comes with a standard navigation system and can be equipped with full leather seats at no cost, two popular items that combined to add $2490 to 2015 editions. This new SRT Hellcat also brings additional functions to the U-connect infotainment system, including drag and drop customization of the menu bar. The final price is $70,775 with the automatic transmission, sunroof, and summer tires.

Graphic Design for Small Businesses and organizations isn’t only offering a product or service and having cash in on it. Once you start a small business, there are several features, which have to have a personal and professional focus. One of those is promoting your brand. There are a few things too, which form the foundation of promoting and one of those is the business card. The principle function of promoting is to attract the target market. When accomplished in the correct way, it can yield wonderful results. Marketing experts and graphic designers, who specialize in graphic design for small businesses, have the knowledge and experience to attract your specific client or buyer through distinct marketing and promotional tactics. A business card (or minute card) should have every piece of information essential for someone to interact and conduct business with your company or organization. There are many styles of cards, and in fact, it is necessary to decide on the appropriate style for your firm. This is why hiring a professional whom specializes in graphic design for small businesses is so important.

The product or service themselves won’t always draw in buyers or clients when shown to individuals in a prepared way. To get to the customers who will use, buy or interact with your company, one of several methods used in promoting is choosing the right business card. A card with the very best graphics, typography and layout that connect emotionally with your perspective client is the key. Every single color and color combination possesses its own meaning. There are many benefits and consequences to the use of color when contemplating the feelings and emotions of the people you’re trying to attract. Which means, a hues participation in the overall design is an essential part in selecting the most appropriate appearance of your business card. Imagine if the colors (or hues) used in your card were actually repelling your target audience you are trying to attract.

The visuals that happen to be loved by people of a distinct audience change by age and gender as well. An example is flowers; if your business makes products that are devoted to girls, then introducing flowers as visual elements (graphics) of your card will most likely attract more buyers. If though, your target is a more mature female audience, the use of flowers could be conceived as contrived and repulse your buyers. Selecting the most appropriate graphics for the business card is about the mindset of the buyer and not the business owner. Let me repeat that so you truly get it. The look, feel and emotions tied to your business card are about the buyer, not you, the business owner. If your buyer connects a personal emotion with the artwork, or possibly a design and style, employed in the card, then almost absolutely that buyer will choose the firm utilizing that artwork, design or style. For this reason alone, it is very important to work with a professional that knows and understands graphic design for small businesses.

Why have a business card in the hands of everyone that works for you? A nicely manufactured card affirms the level professionalism regarding the organization. You need a business card that is designed well with accessibility to information for your customers to make contact with you. It must be styled to create a personal connection with the buyer as well. Your reputation is riding on your business card. The primary function of your business card is to get clients to call you. Your logo should be prominent to let people know who you are the minute they see your card. After this, your business card should clearly provide methods for the client to contact you. This can be a website, a smart phone or email but it is highly recommended to have all three. A marketing expert or graphic designer whom specializes in graphic design for small businesses can help point you in the right direction for the content for your particular niche or market. Business cards with the proper visuals, content and style can help you do this. Are you ready to secure a professionally designed business card right now?

Getting a DUI is a big deal for someone. The repercussions of getting a DUI can last years. From getting your license revoked to losing your job, so yes getting a DUI is a serious offense.

But what about the other end of getting into a car with someone that has gotten a DUI in the past and not knowing the risk you could be getting yourself into. Keep reading to find out why you should run a DUI record search and what information you could find.

It will be in your best interest to know who you are letting getting behind the wheel while you’re the passenger.

New Dates or love interest

With advancements in technology there are more apps then ever designed to find love or dating prospects. Before you jump in that car for a night out be sure to run a quick public record search that could uncover past driving records such as a DUI.

Carpooling to work

Carpooling is a great way to share the cost of getting to and from work by sharing a car ride with others.

With that said before you zoom down the highway with Bob or Margarete be sure to run a DUI record search on the individuals that will be driving.

Your Child’s friends Parents.

Believe it or not this can be a much-overlooked search area but one of the most important ones.

Your children’s friend’s parents may take your child to parties, play dates for pizza or anywhere else. Be sure whoever is driving your children around town has a clean record.

What information can you find in a DUI record search

After running a search, you could find all kinds of information from a public record search.

There will be a criminal record section, asset information, related person searches, Dui record data, and much more that users can search and find on their targeted individual.

Keep in mind online services are usually anonymous so your search subject will not know.

In closing

It is worth the small investment in time and money to run a DUI record search on someone that will be driving your or any of your loved ones around town. All you need is the State of the person you’re searching and first and last name.

If your search subject has public data on them, you should be able to see what information is on them within your private report.